Catrin Saran James

'Up Town Top Rank

Archival Digital Print
Edition of 10
40 x 59.4 cms

£125.00 (excl VAT)


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'Up Town Top Rank 'Milkmaid' 2015 'Tuck Shop' 2015 'May Hill Town' 2015 'Schools Out' 2015

Growing up in 1980's Swansea, Catrin would find beauty in the post war municipal and civic buildings of the town. Shop front fonts, graphic coloured tiles, repetitious railings, forgotten door handles, concrete flowerpots, clocks and colourful Formica tables. Catrin observed these details from a young age as she frequented the many cafes and milk bars with her mother for egg and chips on a Saturday.  Her new body of work re-imagines archival post war imagery of Swansea’s city centre, re-interpreatated in her unique style.

We are pleased to share news of 8 new prints being published by Catrin and Galerie Simpson. For the first in the series, a Catrin Saran James' collage work has been reproduced on a cotton/linen teatowel and will be available for sale at the gallery during the show. This edition will also be available to buy in our online shop.